Mental Health Awareness Day 2018

On Mental Health Awareness day last week Oakleaf Enterprise released the following video

I thought it was pretty inspiring, showing how Oakleaf helps clients.

Oakleaf offers training in horticulture, upholstery, IT and print finishing, enabling people to acquire new skills and ultimately return to work. Alongside these it offers a range of Social Inclusion Activities that cater towards building confidence, physical health and wellbeing.

Through their placement at Oakleaf, our clients are able to gain up-to-date qualifications, practical experience and increase their confidence levels.

As you may know I’m a Trustee at Oakleaf. It’s a fantastic place to work and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Some may be wondering what that cycling phot0 is up on my banner at the moment.

Last summer I rode the Prudential Ride London for the Charity. A one hundered mile ride around London and Surrey. I managed to raise £2000 for the charity through my efforts. Many thanks to all of the sponsors and supporters and if you want to help further you can donate here.

Here’s my Strava of the day

Ride london 100 map

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