First blog on the new website!

So the website is up and running in what’s a very interesting week.
First up, we kicked off the start of the DMH Stallard study into the way manufacturers value and protect IP. It kicked off with a really interesting interview with some surprising conclusions. We will be continuing the process during January with some further interviews aiming to publish in the Spring.
Secondly, some work with the Manufacturing Advisory Service on workplace optimisation and space reduction- back on the shop floor again!
Thirdly, a seminar in London to herald the launch of the DCMS Strategy to encourage philanthropy. It’s interesting to note that most giving is made by those without a lot of cash to spare.
Finally I had the pleasure to Chair the first meeting of the new Surrey Branch of IoD. We have some tough challenges ahead but the spirit and ambition in the room was palpable – a great start!

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  1. Mike Pearson says:

    Congratulations on your new wensite launch David and best wishes for a prosperous New Year when no doubt your clients will be looking for every possible piece of business winning advice available. I am sure you will be in demand.

    Mike Pearson – Commercial Training Team Leader

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