Visit to Popham Airfield

I had the good fortune recently to visit a long standing friend and former colleague Mike Pearson who’s the Airfield Manager at Popham and also happens to be the General Aviation Advocate at the Department of Transport – big cheese looking after the interests of all involved in the industry. After a very interesting conversation about what’s going on in the world of general aviation and also remotely piloted aircraft such as drones, Mike showed me around some of the exotica around the airfield. Some of the pictures are not quite what they seem! Also for an avid Autogyro fan. think of James Bond in ‘You only live twice’, there were some shining examples- I was even offered a ride at a later date!

It’s really impressive to see so much going on at the site with lots of events being held (including an open day on the 16th April) , a moto-cross track at the far end of the runway and lots of facilities for those involved in flying light aircraft including many storage hangars. There were even some Beagle Pups there which I got involved with in my days at British Aerospace!

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